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Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe: Basic, easy recipe that tastes great. Roasted veggies taste great - delivery a tasty flavor sensation - yum! (more info)
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Featured Product
Spice Up Your Diet With Quick & Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking! Quick Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking. Discover Great Tasting Chinese Vegetarian Dishes That Improves Your Diet, Health, and Shows You How to Cook Delicious Chinese Vegetarian Food in Just Minutes. (more info)

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Official Secret Restaurant Recipes from restaurants like P.F. Changs, Cajun Cafe Bourbon Chicken, Benihana's Ginger Salad Dressing, Chilis Asian Lettuce Wraps to name a few. Re-create your favorite restaurant dishes at home for a fraction of the cost by following the easy step-by-step instructions. Get kudos and praise from friends and family members when they find out you actually made these delicious dishes yourself! Uncover the cooking techniques used by world class chefs from famous restaurants. (more info)
Welcome to a Healthier Lifestyle!
NuMeals is here to help you live a long, exciting, fun, fulfilling, and healthier life (mentally & physically). A place you can visit and have a great time. We'll be combing through all the hype, providing information on the best (and cutest) athletic shoes, information on aromatherapy, stress busters and more.

  • Browse delicious recipes for every lifestyle. Not all recipes will be entirely healthy but can be enjoyed in moderation.
  • Register for FREE to add your own tasty recipes, and rate recipes you've tried.
  • Exercise tips and exercises you can do anywhere from outdoors to at your desk.
  • Healthy living tips for you, your pets and more.
  • Product reviews, hot deals and the latest must haves. Fun stuff!

NuMeals has been created based on my many years (since 1972) of experiences in the struggles to maintain a healthy weight, deal with stress and have fun doing it. And I will admit loving looking good in the old Disco Day spandex outfits! I've been through all the diets - (grapefruit diet, cider vinegar diet, egg diet, cabbage soup diet, drinking mans diet and more), Yikes! I've worked for years in the health food/supplement industry and weeded through all the supplements that were the craze at the time. I've belonged to so many gyms I don't even remember their names. Some things worked, some didn't. It is the goal of NuMeals to bring you everything I've learned over the years that makes sense, is doable and will benefit you all.

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